We have had a few After Effects training sessions with Jerry Leer now and have found him a pleasure to work with. We weren't novices to After Effects to begin with but Jerry introduced us to the tips and short cuts we weren't using, as well as the world of 3D.
He tailored our training sessions to fit with the work we are being asked to produce. He is very knowledgeable in the world of After Effects and I would recommended him to anyone. Great style of training!!

Jody and Steve
Video Producers

The one to one After Effects training we received from Jerry Leer was superb, we have now booked more training at an advanced level.

I wanted a course to improve my understanding of video, motion graphics and delivery. Jerry Leer moved between Final Cut Pro, Motion After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema4D, Media Encoder and Compressor without breaking a sweat. He really is a master trainer in post production, wish I had done this years ago, a million thanks Jerry.

The Apple Motion course was suppossed to just improve my motion graphics skills, but boy did I learn a lot in 2 days,

After 3 days with Jerry Leer the After Effects trainer, I walked away feeling confident and able to take on any job.

The depth and range of your knowledge, in addition to your genuine passion for teaching and communication meant that we didn't have to worry about a thing. I really appreciate that.

Jerry Leer explained all the information clearly and concisely with relevant examples.

The course was at a much higher delivery level than courses elsewhere mainly because of Jerry Leer, the trainer.

I have used FCP before, yet the course will tailor my workflow and Jerry ensured the content was relevant to the practical work environment.

He was willing to explore and able to answer all questions.

He is enthusiastic about the abilities of FCP and other people learning, hence this is imparted to the course participants.

I am already thinking of ways to utilize what I learnt on the course.

I learnt so much that I just know output for clients work will be at the next level immediately. Thanks so much. Can't recommend Jerry Leer enough!

Morag Livingstone


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